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Motorsport Network:

Social Media Manager

My services

These are some of the services I provided for Motorsport Network as a social media manager for

Social media management


Live Coverage


Content for Autosport

Responsible for the account Motorsportcom on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook.

Planning, creating and

scheduling content daily.

Live tweeting and creating content during F1 and MotoGP race weekends. 

Assisting with content creation and posting on
their other brand Autosport. 

Client content

Video editing


Creating content from briefs for paid collaborations with clients.

Helped out across both brands with putting subtitles on videos and small video edits.

Created by me



This is a small amount of content I made for the client Motorsport Network and their brands and Autosport. Some of the ideas and templates I originally made are still in use today but have been modified by others.

The rights to this content belong to Motorsport Network. 

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