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Emma Skytte

Photographer and Social Media Consultant


My name is Emma Skytte, and I'm a photographer and social media consultant.

I've always had an eye for the visual and a keen interest in digital creation. Since my early teens, I've been crafting content using a camera and programs like Adobe Photoshop. It all began with photographing in equestrian sports, which led me to study photography with a focus on fashion and advertising, and later to specialize in web communication with a focus on social media.

After my studies, I chose to start my own business and have since worked as a social media consultant for a variety of companies. In addition, I've also conducted photography sessions for both businesses and individuals.

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What can I help you with?

Services I can provide for you or your business

Social media management
Let go of everything and let me take care of your presence on social media. I handle strategy, content creation, execution, and analysis.
Social media strategy
You may already have some elements in place but seek assistance in crafting a strategy and a clear plan to move forward.
Content creation
Creation of text, images, or moving material based on your preferences for use in your
social media channels.
Captions for social media, blog posts, or texts
for websites and newsletters.
Portraits, animals, weddings, events, sports, products. I'm here if you need a photographer
for your project.
You have photos that need refining, or you require a website banner, event poster, or even a photo manipulation. Your imagination is limitless.

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