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Medieinstitutet I 2018 - 2020
Web communication: Social Media

Mediegymnasiet I 2010 - 2013
Photography: Fashion & Advertising


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Premiere

Web communication
Digital communication

My interest in photography started at the age of 13, With a digital camera I started to take photos of the horses at the stable I was a member of. My pictures got published on their website, friends asked me for photoshoots, and in that way, my interest in photography grew bigger. In 2010 I started my education at Mediegymnasiet (Malmö, Sweden) focusing on photography within fashion and advertising. For my final exam I created a coffee table book called "Horse Breeds", The book contains pictures of different horse breeds, taken in a studio environment. The project gave me a scholarship. 
Since then I never stopped creating through a camera. 

My interest in social media also goes a long way back. It has been a part of my everyday life since my early teens, through blogs, Youtube, Facebook and other popular media at that time.  
But it was first in 2018 after jobs such as receptionist, customer care in the car industry, stylist at Abercrombie & Fitch etc, that  I decided to take it one step further. In April 2020 I graduated from Medieinstitutet with an exam in Web communication: Social Media. During my studies, I had internships at companies such as Stureplansgruppen and Out of Office.


Social Media Manager I Motorsport Network

2021 - present
Social media management and content creation for's social media channels.

Marketing Coordinator I 16K Agency

2020 - 2021
Creating digital content for social media, brand development, graphic design, social media management, case studies and much more.

Freelance Photographer
2013 - present
Photographed for companies such as: Monroeworld, I am Music, Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, Wicked Society, Fors in Racing, Malmö Ridklubb, Stall Corazon.

Social Media Executive I Monroeworld

2018 - 2019
Responsible for company's Instagram & Facebook page, creating content for social media in photography and text.

Content Manager (Internship) I Out of Office After Work

During my studies at Medieinstitutet I had my second internship at Out of Office After Work. I was responsible for their social media channels, keeping the event pages updated on facebook, editing content, creating a new social media strategy and a newsletter. 

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